Moonshots in Education: AC Goes to the 2nd China-US Education Summit

October is the 60th Anniversary of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite. Sputnik ignited a huge debate over education reform in the United States, a debate that produced many of the reforms that laid the groundwork for US Science and Math education. A similar type debate has surfaced again as different countries try to position their education systems for an AI-powered future. The Augmented City podcast reports from Stanford University where the 2nd China-US Education Summit: Moonshots in Education happened last week. 

The O'Reilly AI Conference in San Francisco

This month I attended O'Reilly Publishing's Artificial Intelligence conference in San Francisco. This is my 2nd O'Reilly AI event. Top-notch researches and data scientists sharing insight and war tales about what we know, what we don't, and most important, just how much work lies ahead. It solidified my contention that we're still in the equivalent of the dial-up era for mainstream AI --- a fascinating and terrifying prospect. 

iPhone's 10th Anniversary and AI's Future

iPhone launched a decade ago. Since 2007, iPhone has not only become an iconic consumer product, but has transformed mobile media and marketing. I was eMarketer's mobile analyst when iPhone launched. It was my job to explain to brands and advertising agencies what iPhone and smartphones meant for their business. I believe today's Artificial Intelligence-driven products and services must navigate similar consumer and industry thickets if they are to have a chance of replicating iPhone's explosive success.  

AC and David Bowie talk about the Internet and AI

David Bowie is enjoying a renaissance not only as an artist but as an astute observer of technology and culture. His 1999 interview with the BBC about the ultimate impact of the Internet is stunning in both its accuracy and understanding of how technology and culture co-evolve one another. AC experiments with having a dead guy co-host a show --- because he's just so damn good.

The Tao of Fandom: AC Speaks with Jeff Gomez

The last few years have demonstrated that rapid success of mass movements ranging from Black Lives Matter to the Alt-Right hinges on the narratives people integrate into their lives and share with their communities. Technology is transforming how we evolve those narratives. Augmented City sat down with Jeff Gomez of Starlight Runner Entertainment to understand better how this process is playing out in both the entertainment industry and in his work in conflict resolution and cultural change.

Space and Place: an AC Interview with Edward Shenderovich

Real estate is one of the original urban service industries. In theory a simple business about location, location, location; the reality is that real estate value hinges on a complex interplay between physical space and the cognitive meanings that transform a location into a "place". Augmented City speaks with NYC-based Edward Shenderovich to understand better how advanced technology is blending with changed cultural habits to re-configure the commercial real estate market.

Taxing Robot Labor

Bill Gates asks if we should tax robot labor like humans. Automation in its different forms is transforming nearly every job from entry level to professional. The next decade will bring this force to the top of the agenda for both business leaders and politicians. Whether or not you agree with Gates, the time is now to start debating some messy paths forward.