Month: February 2019

AC Interview – Big Data & Shipping with RawData’s Chacko Cherian

John sits down with RawData CEO Chacko Cherian to talk the potential for data analysis and large scale data-mining to revolutionize the shipping industry, in efficiency, profit and customer satisfaction.

AC LACM 2018 – The Future Of Ownerless Mobility w. Larry DeShon from Avis

John Gaunt sits down with Avis/Budget’s Larry DeShon to talk about the future of individually ownerless mobility and how one of the world’s largest mobility providers is positioning for a autonomous, big data world.

AC LACM 2018 – The Future Of Mobility Design w. the Art Center College Of Design

At LA CoMotion, John sat down with a pair of representatives from the Art Center College of Design to talk about the future of design for mobility, from ergonomics to functionality, from its purpose on a micro scale to its considerations on a macro scale. Less tech than philosophy, it’s the sort of conversation that has to be had in tandem with the data geeks if we want future mobility to be more seamless and as emotionally valuable as it is today.

AC LACM 2018 – AI, Mobility & Emerging Trends In China With Y – City’s Lan Shi

On our recent trip to LA for LA CoMotion, we had the chance to sit down with Lan Shi of Y-City, a Shanghai-based company focused on the emerging infrastructure surrounding mobility and AI as it moves into the mainstream. We talked trends in China, the role of AI in the new economy, and what the Chinese can bring to the American mobility conversation.

AC Interviews – The Future Of Machine Vision With Yan Ke Of Clobotics

John Gauntt sits down with Yan Ke of the machine vision startup Clobotics to talk the present and the future of machine learning coupled with AI and robotics, from both the commercial and retail lenses.