Month: May 2019

AC LACM – Smart Cities & The Future Of Broadband w. Verizon’s Lani Ingram

We sat down with the CEO & President of Verizon’s Smart Communities effort to talk networks, using public/private partnerships to create the most inclusive experiences possible, and how the future of digital communities will be built.

AC LACM – New Models Of Urban Mobility Planning w. Remix’s Rachel Zach

The new realities of autonomous, connected, shared and electric mobility (A.C.E.S.) demand new thinking about how we build and design the spaces we need to be and the places we need to traverse. Rachel Zack of Remix is on the cutting edge of how urban designers are approaching the new era!

AC SXSW Interview – Erin Riley of UT Austin on the Next Generation of Innovators

One of our favorite interviews from SXSW was Erin Riley the Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Moody College of Communication at UT Austin. We got to sit down and talk about the next generation of innovators she’s helping bring into the ecosystem at UT Austin. From the skills they have and are developing to the considerations and advances they’ll have to integrate into their efforts, it’s a great conversation about what’s next!

AC Analysis – AI: Kill. Save. Enslave. Pt. 2 – Blockchain & City Building

In Pt. 2 of the Kill, Save, Enslave series, John Gauntt explores the promises of blockchain and examines the very real psychological and evolutionary mechanisms that a credible trust system leverages to build modern life.