Month: October 2019

The AC Primer – Edge Computing

John Gauntt takes on Edge Computing in The Augmented City Primer! What is Edge Computing? Where does it fit in the current technological landscape? What exactly is it going to do for you, for your company?

AC Interview – Mobility Innovation w. Bill Foy, SVP Engineering, Denso International

John talks with Bill Foy, SVP for Engineering for Denso, a mobility OEM that is launching a new Seattle Innovation Lab focused on connected vehicles and cloud computing. John and Bill take a look at the Seattle Lab’s remit and what new mobility players are trying with edge and cloud computing.

AC Interview – James Cox, Chief Product Officer Of Canoo Talks About Subscription-based Mobility

John sits down with James Cox the CPO for Canoo, to talk about autonomy and electric vehicles. Canoo’s value proposition is based around a subscription-based, modular, electric “skateboard” platform which offers innovators a palette of versatile mobility options for both people and cargo.