Month: November 2019

AC @ Infinity Festival LA – w. John MacInnes

During a recent trip to LA for the Infinity Film Festival, John guest hosted with Voice of America, and was fortunate enough to sit down with screenwriter John MacInnes, who is also responsible for the story for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, one of the best selling videogames of all time, to talk about his David Bowie exhibit at Infinity, as well as the toolbox that videogame technology is giving storytellers to work with outside of games.

AC Analysis – Infinity Festival Part 1 – Story Advanced by Technology

AC burrowed into the heart of Hollywood to learn about the technologies behind motion capture, digital humans, AR/VR and many others that are transforming how we tell stories.

AC Interview – Shelley Peterson, Principal Investigator for AR, Lockheed Martin

John speaks with Shelley Peterson, the Principal Investigator for AR at Lockheed Martin, exploring how the space and defense tech world views augmented reality, and how those possibilities are making their way into the mainstream.

The AC Primer – 5G Wireless for Creators

5G cellular is tipped to become the next evolutionary infrastructure for physical mobility and digital media. John Gauntt explores what this means for people creating content and new user experiences. You’ll learn what is 5G and what’s driving it, how that’s playing out in the marketplace, plus the key nuggets to understand about 5G if you develop products, services or media.