Month: February 2020

AC Interview – Jonathan Blanco, CEO of TF Blockchain & TF Labs

Jonathan Blanco started TF Blockchain to provide a networking and education platform for the blockchain community of practice in Seattle and six other cities. We spoke with Jonathan about TF’s origin story plus how blockchain principles and technology are changing industries and services well beyond the financial sector. If you’re looking for a map of the blockchain ecosystem and where to plug into it, this is your episode.

AC @ CES – John Canning, Exec. Producer of New Media & Experential at Digital Domain

During CES, we spoke with John Canning, a senior executive at Digital Domain, one of Hollywood’s top-tier visual effects (VFX) creative development studios. Examples of DD’s work include the villainous Titan Thanos from Marvel’s Avenger film series. Brought alive on the screen by actor Josh Brolin and the Digital Domain VFX team, Thanos is a fusion of human performance & creativity, AI smarts, and cloud computing scale. Now, many of the technologies and techniques used to develop a character like Thanos are being re-imagined for platforms beyond film and television — holograms, AR/VR, immersive media for indoor and outdoor locations. John’s job is to figure out how to make that jump from a few screens to ubiquitous screens, or no screens at all.

AC @ CES – New Urban Air Mobility w. Matt Holvey from Bell

On the floor at CES 2020, John spoke with Matt Holvey from Bell about Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and new directions for an 80 year old aviation company. The conversation touched on mass-market, electric powered vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, regulatory issues, the path to autonomous flight operations, and what is required to build an ecosystem around urban air travel.