Month: January 2021

How Public Transit Finds its Way: A Conversation with Alex Wallar, CTO of The Routing Company

Everyone has planned where to go and what to do when you get there. If it’s just one stop, the routing problem is easy. Almost the same with two stops. But the more stops you add, the more complex things become. So imagine you’re a public transit agency trying to calculate the best routes for the best experience for the most people in the most efficient and delightful way possible. You’d need a graduate degree from MIT just to list all the variables. Fortunately, that’s what Alex Wallar, CTO of The Routing Company brings to the table. Find out how transit agencies are rethinking how they deploy 80% fewer vehicles to offer a better experience to their passengers.

The Next Normal: What COVID, Distance & Uncertainty Can Teach Us in 2021

“The America I was born into will not be the America I die in. But like Taylor, the astronaut from the Planet of the Apes, I leave the 20th century with no regrets.”

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. Steve Masur, partner at Masur Griffits Avidor LLP

“I said that Friday, March 13th, was the last day of the Old World, and that Monday, the 16th was the new day of the new world, and that any deal you had been working on prior in the old world might not happen.

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. Brent Friedman, Screenwriter for Video and Games

“An hour before my meeting, I got a phone call saying Hulu’s offices were being closed and you could not come. And if you did show up at the office, you would be escorted out by security. And this was my first sense of, OK, the world is shutting down.”

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. Shelley Peterson of Lockheed Martin

“The key word is imagine. When we’re having to imagine, we’re having to interpret. And when we interpret, we’re hoping that we get the interpretation right. But sometimes we don’t.”

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. Natalie Monbiot of Hour One

“How will we wean ourselves from the reliance on our screens and on technology and algorithmic based platforms that continue to draw us in? I mean, those old problems still exist.”

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. Missy Cruz, Emergency Room Technician

“Every day, I had a fever I could not break. I just never knew when the end was going to come. And I think the hardest part for people who had Covid, especially in the beginning, was there was no data.

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. Lori H. Schwartz, Curator and Technology Catalyst

“Your community, more than ever before, is going through the same exact thing that you’re going through, meaning that the line between how a business person has been operating and how a consumer has been operating has never been closer.”

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. Laura Rizzotto, Award Winning Singer & Songwriter

“Balance to me is never just being on a straight line and feeling like, oh yeah, this is OK. It’s checking in to make sure that I can still keep it up. But also, I think losing your balance is part of finding balance, you know what I mean?

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. John Rossant, Chairman of the New Cities Foundation

“The consensus is, and I very much feel this, is that the mobility revolution — the revolution in the way goods and people move around — is so profound, that it has its own dynamic that is somewhat insulated from the pandemic.”