Month: January 2021

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. Hanson Hosein, Curator and Connector

“What we really need more than ever are trusted sacred stories. Or at least new sets of trusted, sacred stories that will allow us to come together in ways that the old stories just don’t do for us anymore.

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. Devin Liddell, Principal Futurist at Teague

“What it really comes down to is deciding what is our preferred future? What’s the future we actually want? And then, of course, what’s our will to create it?

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. Francesca Marie Smith, Creative Consultant & PhD Candidate

“I think anger can be a very powerful motivating force to highlight a problem and demand change. But I personally don’t believe that anger is the best engine to make that change happen.

The Next Normal: A Conversation w. Edward Shenderovich, Co-Founder & Chairman at Knotel

“I came to the States in 1990 leaving the Soviet Union behind. In 1991, the Soviet Union stopped existing. That was a real shock, this idea of immigration and your country no longer existing was a real trip.”