AI & Culture Year in Review and Outlook for 2017

In 2016, Artificial Intelligence (AI) became a mainstream phenomena via self-driving cars, virtual assistants and a host of other augmented products & services. Simultaneously, the debates over AI in daily life gained fresh urgency as unemployment and underemployment due to automation became a global hot topic. For once, what a new technology meant to people was as important as what a new technology could do. 

Cyborgs & Social Machines

No character better captures our hopes & fears about the future than a cyborg, a living organism that is simultaneously flesh and technology. We're already well advanced with eyeglasses, pacemakers, titanium hip joints and cultured skin. What might an AI-powered world bring?

Whitewater, AI and the Martial Arts

Humanity is navigating a wicked set of cultural & technical rapids over the next 15 years unleashed by Natural Language Processing, AI and the Internet of Things. We are weaving human culture directly into machine code and vice-versa. We must re-think how we process change. Martial Arts offers a potential model. 

Who is Served by AI?

From now until 2030, the elderly and pre-school children will be at the epicenter of massive change in healthcare & education fueled by artificial intelligence. Their needs will force designers to create the most intuitive and natural situations while simultaneously being among the most vulnerable populations for manipulation.