The Augmented City Mobility Guide Pt. 1 – The Death & Rebirth of the Car

Welcome to Part 1 of the Augmented City’s Mobility Guide, a five-part series of deep dives into some of the most important topics in the mobility ecosystem. In Part 1 we’re examining the death and rebirth of the automobile, from gas guzzling machine to electric and autonomous, from an ownership stake, to a subscribers stake. Created in collaboration with the producers and speakers of LA C0Motion 2017, the Mobility Guide will be releasing one episode a week in the lead up to LA CoMotion 2018!    

We’ve curated a selection of additional resources for this episode, including video, infographics and white papers. 

Autonomous Cars: How Would You Spend Your Time? - by Martin Armstrong - Apr 9, 2018 Most of us have daydreamed about a future with fully autonomous cars, sitting back with our feet up on the dash, reading a newspaper as we're driven to our destination. With that once seemingly far-fetched scenario gradually coming onto the horizon though, how would people actually spend their time behind the autonomous wheel? According to a survey of 130,000 car owners across nine countries by Ipsos/GenPop, most people would still spend a considerable amount of time with their eyes firmly on the road. Of a one hour period, roughly five minutes would be spent reading (it wasn't specified whether the feet would be up on the dashboard). Also popular would be communicating with friends and family, while some say they would even do some online shopping during their journeys.
These Companies Are Testing Self-Driving Cars in California by Felix Richter, May 16, 2018 As we are heading for what many expect to be a driverless future of transportation, many companies are currently involved in a technological race to a build a fully autonomous vehicle. Artificial intelligence has evolved so rapidly in recent years that driverless cars are no longer science fiction these days. In fact, autonomous vehicles have test-driven millions of miles on public roads in the United States in recent years with remarkably few albeit tragic accidents on record. California, a hotspot for self-driving research and development, recently published a list of how many autonomous vehicles are currently registered for test-driving in the sunshine state. Surprisingly Apple, an industry outsider, is second on that list with 55 vehicles approved for testing on California’s public roads. The Cupertino-based company hasn’t done any autonomous test-driving last year, according to the DMV’s database of mandatory autonomous vehicle disengagement reports for 2017. Companies testing self-driving cars in California are obliged to report annually how many miles their vehicles have driven in autonomous mode and how often the backup driver had to take control. Waymo, formerly known as Google’s self-driving car project, is the only known company to have applied for test-driving on public roads without a backup driver
Autonomous Vehicles: Coming to a Road Near You (If They're Not There Already) Across the nation, states are passing autonomous vehicle legislation and in some cases these vehicles are already roaming the roads. Here’s a look at where autonomous vehicles are and where they’re going.

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