AC Goes to the Smart Kitchen Summit

Last week we went to the Smart Kitchen Summit In Downtown Seattle. Organized by Michael Wolf, SKS is all about how we’ll use technology in the future. Whether we will have a Jetson’s Future or not, I just want to eventually land some kind of Rosie the Robot, who’ll clean up the kitchen. 

Last week, we went to the Smart Kitchen Summit (SKS) in Seattle. Organized by my friend Michael Wolf who publishes The Spoon, SKS brings a crowd that’s liberally sprinkled with home appliance, food innovation and smart technology fields.

When you think about it, the kitchen should be one of the areas of the home most receptive to many of the efficiencies that technology can bring. But the reality is that the kitchen has often been the most resistant to digital change.

I spent two days looking over the current state of the smart culinary art. Along the way, I got to interview LA Chef Michael Voltaggio on his views of the best and worst applications of technology toward cooking. Additionally, I participated in a panel about the intersection of VR and Food.

Color me hopeful but slightly skeptical in the short term about just what robotics, Internet of Things, and natural language processing can do in the home — and especially the kitchen. These are still toddler days for intelligent technology that directly impacts how I use my kitchen. Now, if you can make a dishwashing robot that does floors and windows, I’m all ears…..

In the meantime, here’s a salute to Mike Wolf and the rest of the Smart Kitchen Summit crew for bringing an A-list of people innovating in such a new and important field.