Media for Autonomous Vehicles: The 25th Hour is the New Prime Time


In conjunction with the publication of our white paper, we were given the opportunity to host a workshop at LA CoMotion centered on the concept of media environments centered on mobility. Below you can listen to the results of the that workshop, a deep dive into the future of mobility that is as much about engagement as transportation.

15 November, 2018

The Augmented City debuts industry whitepaper about media environments for the passenger economy at LA CoMotion 2018

  • A deep dive into media environments for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) from a content creator’s point-of-view
  • Covers issues surrounding user experience (UX), content & interfaces, and business models for media in shared, autonomous mobility
  • Based on six months of original research and workshops with screenwriters, games designers, showrunners and podcast professionals

LOS ANGELES, California – The Augmented City took aim at future media opportunities around autonomous vehicles at LA CoMotion 2018 with a whitepaper that asks, “if autonomous vehicles give people an extra 60-90min back to their day, how does this new time savings impact media and marketing?”

Based on six months of research and expert meetings with screenwriters, game designers, showrunners, AI experts and roboticists, Media for Autonomous Vehicles: The 25th Hour is the New Prime Time explores how many of the industry and cultural dynamics of smartphones are about to rock the automotive mobility sector.

Autonomous vehicles will turn drivers into passengers, and will turn passengers into audiences to turbocharge media and service innovation. Written from a content provider’s point-of-view, the whitepaper aims to spark better dialogue among media and mobility professionals who are targeting the AV customer experience.

Readers will encounter discussions about new day parts, UX, content, interfaces and business models for media targeted at passengers of autonomous vehicles. The whitepaper also includes a special section of original artwork entitled “25 O’Clock” that illustrates AV media possibilities for a family living in the near future.

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