The Augmented City Mobility Guide Pt. 3 – Mobility & Real Esate

Welcome the third installment of the Augmented City’s Mobility Guide, a five-part series of deep dives into the new mobility ecosystem. In Part 3, we’re looking at the interplay between mobility and real estate, how they influence each other, how they change in relation to each other, and the ideas that will shape their evolution.

Created in collaboration with the producers and speakers of LA C0Motion 2017, the Mobility Guide will be releasing one episode a week in the lead up to LA CoMotion 2018!

We’ve curated a selection of additional resources for this episode, including video, infographics and white papers. 

Driverless Cars: breaking the fundamental rule of real estate | TEDxOgden

Driverless Cars and City Building |Ryerson City Building Institute

Autonomous Vehicles Symposium – Land Use and the Built Environment | American Planning Association

How Autonomous Vehicles Impact Land Use | Urban Land Institute

The Space in Parking Spaces

Housing Design & Driverless Cars

Parking vs. Open Space

AAA Driverless Car

Additional Reading - Selected White Papers