The Augmented City Mobility Guide Pt. 5 – Data Sharing In the New Mobility Age

In the final episode of the Augmented City’s Mobility Guide 2018, John Gauntt takes a look a one of the most fundamental issues wrapped up in data-intensive AI: what about data sharing and privacy? The implications, not just on privacy but on digital infrastructure is staggering.

Created in collaboration with the producers and speakers of LA C0Motion 2017, the Mobility Guide will be releasing one episode a week in the lead up to LA CoMotion 2018!

We’ve curated a selection of additional resources for this episode, including video, infographics and white papers. 

Driverless Cars: A New Challenge to Cybersecurity

Visualizing autonomous vehicle data on the web – Xiaoji Chen

“The Economics of Self-Driving Cars” | Tom Standage

Ford, Uber and Lyft CEOs Commit to Sharing Data with Cities and Private Sector

Level 4 Autonomous Driving Technology Timeline

EU General Data Protection Regulation

Data & The Connect Car

Data Privacy & Connected Cars

Connected Cars and Privacy - Shifting Gear for GDPR?

Additional Reading - Selected White Papers

  1. Radical Changes To European Data Protection – via Allen & Overy
  2. Autonomous and Connected Vehicles: Navigating the Legal Issues – via Allen & Overy
  3. Privacy Under the Hood: Towards an International Data Privacy Framework for Autonomous Vehicles – via Stanford Law
  4. Future of Mobility Connected cars and privacy: shifting gear for GDPR? – via Bearing Point Institute
  5. Governing Autonomous Vehicles: Emerging Responses for Safety, Liability, Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Industry Risks – via Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group